Migrating to v2.0#

v2.0 introduced new Discord features and deprecated some old ones.

Part of the redesign involves making application commands and components. These changes include a new Bot class, ui.View, and a new ApplicationContext class. If you’re interested in creating them, please check out our guide.

Python Version Change#

In order to make development easier and also to allow for our dependencies to upgrade to allow usage of 3.8 or higher, the library had to remove support for Python versions lower than 3.7, which essentially means that support for Python 3.7 and below has been dropped.

Major Model Changes#

Below are major changes that have happened in v2.0:

Dropped User Accounts Support#

Before v2.0, user accounts were supported. This has been against the spirit of the library and discord ToS and has been removed. Thus, these features that were only applicable to them are removed:

  • bot argument of Client.start() and Client.run()

  • afk argument of Client.change_presence()

  • Classes Profile, Relationship, Call Message, Group Call

  • RelationshipType, HypeSquadHouse, PremiumType, UserContentFilter, FriendFlags, Theme

  • GroupChannel.add_recipients, remove_recipients, edit (NOTE: GroupChannel itself still remains)

  • Guild.ack

  • Client.self_bot

  • Client.fetch_user_profile

  • Message.call and ack

  • ClientUser.email, premium, premium_type, get_relationship, relationships, friends, blocked, create_group, edit_settings

  • Arguments of ClientUser.edit: password, new_password, email, house

  • User.relationship, mutual_friends, is_friend, is_blocked, block, unblock, remove_friend, send_friend_request, profile

  • Events: on_relationship_add and on_relationship_update

Timezone-aware Time#

utcnow becomes now(datetime.timezone.utc). If you are constructing datetime.datetime` yourself, pass tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc.

embed = discord.Embed(
    title = "Pi Day 2021 in UTC",
    timestamp = datetime(2021, 3, 14, 15, 9, 2, tzinfo=timezone.utc)

Note that newly-added utils.utcnow() can be used as an alias of datetime.datetime.now(datetime.timezone.utc).

Asset Changes#

Asset-related attributes that previously returned hash strings (e.g. User.avatar) now returns Asset. Asset.key returns the hash from now on.







str(user.avatar_url_as(size=128, static_format="png"))

user.display_avatar.replace(size=128, static_format="png").url

str(user.avatar_url_as(size=128, static_format="png"))


await user.avatar_url.read()

await user.display_avatar.read()





str(url_as(size=128, static_format="png"))

emoji.replace(size=128, static_format="png").url





Webhook Changes#

webhook = discord.SyncWebhook.from_url(
webhook.send("Hello from Pycord 2.0")
async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
    webhook = discord.Webhook.partial(
    await webhook.send("Hello from Pycord 2.0")

Intents Changes#

Intents.message_content is now a privileged intent. Disabling it causes Message.content, Message.embeds, Message.components, and Message.attachments to be empty (an empty string or an empty array), directly causing ext.commands.Command s to not run. See here for more information.

Threads Introduced#

The following methods and attributes can return Thread objects:

Permission Changes#

permissions_in has been removed in favor of checking the permissions of the channel for said user.







Edit Method Behavior Change#

edit methods of most classes no longer update the cache in-place, and instead returns the modified object.

Positional-Keyword Argument Split#

The following are now positional only:

The following are now keyword only:

Event Changes#

Message.type For Replies#

Message.type now returns MessageType.reply for replies, instead of MessageType.default.

Sticker Changes#

  • Sticker.preview_image was removed as Discord no longer provides the data.

  • StickerType, an enum of sticker formats, is renamed to StickerFormatType. Old name is used for a new enum with different purpose (checking if the sticker is guild sticker or Nitro sticker).

  • Message.stickers is now List[StickerItem] instead of List[Sticker]. While StickerItem supports some operations of previous Sticker, description and pack_id attributes do not exist. Sticker can be fetched via StickerItem.fetch() method.

  • Sticker.image is removed. Sticker can still be fetched via Sticker.read() or Sticker.save() and its URL can be accessed via Sticker.url, just like new Emoji.

  • Due to the introduction of GuildSticker, Sticker.tags is removed from the parent class Sticker and moved to StandardSticker.tags.

Type Changes#

Many method arguments now reject None or return None.

Miscellaneous Changes#

The following were removed:

  • Client.request_offline_members

  • Client.logout

  • ExtensionNotFound.original

  • MemberCacheFlags.online

  • guild_subscriptions argument of Client

  • fetch_offline_members argument of Client

  • HelpCommand.clean_prefix moved to ext.commands.Context.clean_prefix

  • VerificationLevel.table_flip (alias of high) was removed. extreme, very_high, and double_table_flip attributes were removed and replaced with VerificationLevel.highest.

The following were renamed:

The following were changed in behavior:

The following were changed in types:

Parting Words#

The v2.0 of the library implemented a lot of new features. To implement newer features, such as slash commands, they can be seen on our guide.