This page keeps a detailed human-friendly rendering of what’s new and changed in specific versions.


This page is no longer maintained. For an updated changelog for version 2.0+, please check out our new changelog instead.


  • Fully deprecated/removed store channels

  • Buttons and Select Menus

  • Slash commands, User commands, and Message commands (GH-31)

  • Message Content privileged intent (GH-332)

  • Voice receive API (GH-532)

  • discord.ext.pages (Paginators) (GH-589)

  • Input Text and Modal components (GH-630)

  • Discord API version changed from 9 to 10 (GH-1012)

  • Application permissions v2 (GH-1129)

  • discord.ext.bridge (slash and prefixed commands) (GH-1131)

  • Client.get_message() (GH-1141)

  • Application Command Localization (GH-1185)

  • Guild Ban List Paginated (GH-1217)

  • Forum channels (GH-1249)

  • Methods and attributes that returned TextChannel, etc., can now return Thread.

  • Attributes that returned Asset are renamed, e.g. attributes ending with _url (i.e.: avatar_url) are changed to avatar.url. User.avatar returns None in case the default avatar is used.

  • on_presence_update() replaces on_member_update for updates to Member.status and Member.activities.

  • datetime.datetime objects used in the library are now timezone-aware.

  • Sticker changes: StickerType has been renamed to StickerFormatType, and the type of Message.stickers is altered. Sticker.preview_image, Sticker.image and Sticker.tags are removed.

  • Webhooks are changed significantly; WebhookAdapter is removed, and synchronous requests using requests is now inside SyncWebhook.

  • edit method no longer updates the cache and instead returns modified instance.

  • User accounts (userbots) are no longer supported.

  • Client.logout is removed; use Client.close() instead.

  • on_private_channel_create/delete events are removed.

  • User.permissions_in is removed; use abc.GuildChannel.permissions_for() instead.

  • Message.type for replies are now MessageType.reply.

  • Reaction.custom_emoji property is changed to Reaction.is_custom_emoji() method.

  • missing_perms attributes and arguments are renamed to missing_permissions.

  • Many method arguments now reject None.

  • Many arguments are now specified as positional-only or keyword-only; e.g. utils.oauth_url() now takes keyword-only arguments, and methods starting with get_ or fetch_ take positional-only arguments.

  • Migrating to v2.0


Bug Fixes#


Bug Fixes#


Bug Fixes#

  • [ext.commands] Fix Cog.has_error_handler not working as intended.


This version is mainly for improvements and bug fixes. This is more than likely the last major version in the 1.x series. Work after this will be spent on v2.0. As a result, this is the last version to support Python 3.5. Likewise, this is the last version to support user bots.

Development of v2.0 will have breaking changes and support for newer API features.

New Features#

Bug Fixes#


  • User endpoints and all userbot related functionality has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major version of the library.

  • Permission class methods were updated to match the UI of the Discord client (GH-6476)

  • _ and - characters are now stripped when making a new cog using the discord package (GH-6313)


This version comes with support for replies and stickers.

New Features#

Bug Fixes#



Bug Fixes#

  • Fix utils.escape_markdown() not escaping quotes properly (GH-5897)

  • Fix Message not being hashable (GH-5901, GH-5866)

  • Fix moving channels to the end of the channel list (GH-5923)

  • Fix seemingly strange behaviour in __eq__ for PermissionOverwrite (GH-5929)

  • Fix aliases showing up in __iter__ for Intents (GH-5945)

  • Fix the bot disconnecting from voice when moving them to another channel (GH-5904)

  • Fix attribute errors when chunking times out sometimes during delayed on_ready dispatching.

  • Ensure that the bot’s own member is not evicted from the cache (GH-5949)



This version came with forced breaking changes that Discord is requiring all bots to go through on October 7th. It is highly recommended to read the documentation on intents, A Primer to Gateway Intents.

API Changes#

  • Members and presences will no longer be retrieved due to an API change. See Privileged Intents for more info.

  • As a consequence, fetching offline members is disabled if the members intent is not enabled.

New Features#

Bug Fixes#


  • Webhook requests are now logged (GH-5798)

  • Remove caching layer from AutoShardedClient.shards. This was causing issues if queried before launching shards.

  • Gateway rate limits are now handled.

  • Warnings logged due to missed caches are now changed to DEBUG log level.

  • Some strings are now explicitly interned to reduce memory usage.

  • Usage of namedtuples has been reduced to avoid potential breaking changes in the future (GH-5834)

  • [ext.commands] All BadArgument exceptions from the built-in converters now raise concrete exceptions to better tell them apart (GH-5748)

  • [ext.tasks] Lazily fetch the event loop to prevent surprises when changing event loop policy (GH-5808)


This is a maintenance release with backports from v1.5.0.

Bug Fixes#


  • Remove caching layer from AutoShardedClient.shards. This was causing issues if queried before launching shards.

  • [ext.tasks] Lazily fetch the event loop to prevent surprises when changing event loop policy (GH-5808)


Bug Fixes#

  • Properly terminate the connection when Client.close() is called (GH-5207)

  • Fix error being raised when clearing embed author or image when it was already cleared (GH-5210, GH-5212)

  • Fix __path__ to allow editable extensions (GH-5213)


Another version with a long development time. Features like Intents are slated to be released in a v1.5 release. Thank you for your patience!

New Features#

Bug Fixes#



Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an issue with channel overwrites causing multiple issues including crashes (GH-5109)


Bug Fixes#

  • Change default WS close to 4000 instead of 1000.
    • The previous close code caused sessions to be invalidated at a higher frequency than desired.

  • Fix None appearing in Member.activities. (GH-2619)


Another minor bug fix release.

Bug Fixes#


Minor bug fix release.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix fetching invites in guilds that the user is not in.

  • Fix the channel returned from Client.fetch_channel() raising when sending messages. (GH-2531)


  • Fix compatibility warnings when using the Python 3.9 alpha.

  • Change the unknown event logging from WARNING to DEBUG to reduce noise.


This version comes with a lot of bug fixes and new features. It’s been in development for a lot longer than was anticipated!

New Features#

Bug Fixes#


  • The library now fully supports Python 3.8 without warnings.

  • Bump the dependency of websockets to 8.0 for those who can use it. (GH-2453)

  • Due to Discord providing Member data in mentions, users will now be upgraded to Member more often if mentioned.

  • utils.escape_markdown() now properly escapes new quote markdown.

  • The message cache can now be disabled by passing None to max_messages in Client.

  • The default message cache size has changed from 5000 to 1000 to accommodate small bots.

  • Lower memory usage by only creating certain objects as needed in Role.

  • There is now a sleep of 5 seconds before re-IDENTIFYing during a reconnect to prevent long loops of session invalidation.

  • The rate limiting code now uses millisecond precision to have more granular rate limit handling.
    • Along with that, the rate limiting code now uses Discord’s response to wait. If you need to use the system clock again for whatever reason, consider passing assume_synced_clock in Client.

  • The performance of Guild.default_role has been improved from O(N) to O(1). (GH-2375)

  • The performance of Member.roles has improved due to usage of caching to avoid surprising performance traps.

  • The GC is manually triggered during things that cause large deallocations (such as guild removal) to prevent memory fragmentation.

  • There have been many changes to the documentation for fixes both for usability, correctness, and to fix some linter errors. Thanks to everyone who contributed to those.

  • The loading of the opus module has been delayed which would make the result of opus.is_loaded() somewhat surprising.

  • [ext.commands] Usernames prefixed with @ inside DMs will properly convert using the User converter. (GH-2498)

  • [ext.tasks] The task sleeping time will now take into consideration the amount of time the task body has taken before sleeping. (GH-2516)


Bug Fixes#

  • Fix a bug that caused crashes due to missing animated field in Emoji structures in reactions.


Bug Fixes#


Bug Fixes#


Bug Fixes#

  • Audit log related attribute access have been fixed to not error out when they shouldn’t have.


Bug Fixes#

  • User.avatar_url and related attributes no longer raise an error.

  • More compatibility shims with the enum.Enum code.


This update mainly brings performance improvements and various nitro boosting attributes (referred to in the API as “premium guilds”).

New Features#

Bug Fixes#


  • Improve performance of all Enum related code significantly.
    • This was done by replacing the enum.Enum code with an API compatible one.

    • This should not be a breaking change for most users due to duck-typing.

  • Improve performance of message creation by about 1.5x.

  • Improve performance of message editing by about 1.5-4x depending on payload size.

  • Improve performance of attribute access on Member about by 2x.

  • Improve performance of utils.get() by around 4-6x depending on usage.

  • Improve performance of event parsing lookup by around 2.5x.

  • Keyword arguments in Client.start() and are now validated (GH-953, GH-2170)

  • The Discord error code is now shown in the exception message for HTTPException.

  • Internal tasks launched by the library will now have their own custom __repr__.

  • All public facing types should now have a proper and more detailed __repr__.

  • [ext.tasks] Errors are now logged via the standard logging module.


Bug Fixes#

  • Webhooks do not overwrite data on retrying their HTTP requests (GH-2140)


  • Add back signal handling to due to issues some users had with proper cleanup.


New Features#


Bug Fixes#


  • Fix lambda converters in a non-module context (e.g. eval).

  • Use message creation time for reference time when computing cooldowns.
    • This prevents cooldowns from triggering during e.g. a RESUME session.

  • Fix the default on_command_error() to work with new-style cogs (GH-2094)

  • DM channels are now recognised as NSFW in is_nsfw() check.

  • Fix race condition with help commands (GH-2123)

  • Fix cog descriptions not showing in MinimalHelpCommand (GH-2139)


  • Improve the performance of internal enum creation in the library by about 5x.

  • Make the output of python -m discord --version a bit more useful.

  • The loop cleanup facility has been rewritten again.

  • The signal handling in has been removed.


  • Custom exception classes are now used for all default checks in the library (GH-2101)


Bug Fixes#

  • Fix issue with speaking state being cast to int when it was invalid.

  • Fix some issues with loop cleanup that some users experienced on Linux machines.

  • Fix voice handshake race condition (GH-2056, GH-2063)


The changeset for this version are too big to be listed here, for more information please see the migrating page.


Bug Fixes#

  • Fix issue with Client.create_server() that made it stop working.

  • Fix main thread being blocked upon calling StreamPlayer.stop.

  • Handle HEARTBEAT_ACK and resume gracefully when it occurs.

  • Fix race condition when pre-emptively rate limiting that caused releasing an already released lock.

  • Fix invalid state errors when immediately cancelling a coroutine.


This release is just a bug fix release with some better rate limit implementation.

Bug Fixes#

  • Servers are now properly chunked for user bots.

  • The CDN URL is now used instead of the API URL for assets.

  • Rate limit implementation now tries to use header information if possible.

  • Event loop is now properly propagated (GH-420)

  • Allow falsey values in Client.send_message() and Client.send_file().


New Features#

  • Add Channel.overwrites to get all the permission overwrites of a channel.

  • Add Server.features to get information about partnered servers.

Bug Fixes#

  • Timeout when waiting for offline members while triggering on_ready().

    • The fact that we did not timeout caused a gigantic memory leak in the library that caused thousands of duplicate Member instances causing big memory spikes.

  • Discard null sequences in the gateway.

    • The fact these were not discarded meant that on_ready() kept being called instead of on_resumed(). Since this has been corrected, in most cases on_ready() will be called once or twice with on_resumed() being called much more often.


  • Fix crash on duplicate or out of order reactions.


New Features#

  • Rich Embeds for messages are now supported.

    • To do so, create your own Embed and pass the instance to the embed keyword argument to Client.send_message() or Client.edit_message().

  • Add Client.clear_reactions() to remove all reactions from a message.

  • Add support for MESSAGE_REACTION_REMOVE_ALL event, under on_reaction_clear().

  • Add Permissions.update() and PermissionOverwrite.update() for bulk permission updates.

    • This allows you to use e.g. p.update(read_messages=True, send_messages=False) in a single line.

  • Add PermissionOverwrite.is_empty() to check if the overwrite is empty (i.e. has no overwrites set explicitly as true or false).

For the command extension, the following changed:

  • Context is no longer slotted to facilitate setting dynamic attributes.


Bug Fixes#

  • Fix crash when dealing with MESSAGE_REACTION_REMOVE

  • Fix incorrect buckets for reactions.


New Features#

  • Client.wait_for_reaction() now returns a namedtuple with reaction and user attributes.
    • This is for better support in the case that None is returned since tuple unpacking can lead to issues.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix bug that disallowed None to be passed for emoji parameter in Client.wait_for_reaction().


Bug fixes#

  • Fix bug with Reaction not being visible at import.
    • This was also breaking the documentation.


This update adds new API features and a couple of bug fixes.

New Features#

  • Add support for Manage Webhooks permission under Permissions.manage_webhooks

  • Add support for around argument in 3.5+ Client.logs_from().

  • Add support for reactions.

Bug Fixes#


This is a backwards compatible update with new features.

New Features#

  • Add the ability to manage emojis.

    • Client.create_custom_emoji() to create new emoji.

    • Client.edit_custom_emoji() to edit an old emoji.

    • Client.delete_custom_emoji() to delete a custom emoji.

  • Add new Permissions.manage_emojis toggle.

  • Add new statuses for Status.

  • Deprecate Client.change_status()

    • Use Client.change_presence() instead for better more up to date functionality.

    • This method is subject for removal in a future API version.

  • Add Client.change_presence() for changing your status with the new Discord API change.

    • This is the only method that allows changing your status to invisible or do not disturb.

Bug Fixes#

  • Paginator pages do not exceed their max_size anymore (GH-340)

  • Do Not Disturb users no longer show up offline due to the new Status changes.


This is a bug fix update that also comes with new features.

New Features#

  • Add custom emoji support.

    • Adds a new class to represent a custom Emoji named Emoji

    • Adds a utility generator function, Client.get_all_emojis().

    • Adds a list of emojis on a server, Server.emojis.

    • Adds a new event, on_server_emojis_update().

  • Add new server regions to ServerRegion

    • ServerRegion.eu_central and ServerRegion.eu_west.

  • Add support for new pinned system message under MessageType.pins_add.

  • Add order comparisons for Role to allow it to be compared with regards to hierarchy.

    • This means that you can now do role_a > role_b etc to check if role_b is lower in the hierarchy.

  • Add Server.role_hierarchy to get the server’s role hierarchy.

  • Add Member.server_permissions to get a member’s server permissions without their channel specific overwrites.

  • Add Client.get_user_info() to retrieve a user’s info from their ID.

  • Add a new Player property, Player.error to fetch the error that stopped the player.

    • To help with this change, a player’s after function can now take a single parameter denoting the current player.

  • Add support for server verification levels.

    • Adds a new enum called VerificationLevel.

    • This enum can be used in Client.edit_server() under the verification_level keyword argument.

    • Adds a new attribute in the server, Server.verification_level.

  • Add Server.voice_client shortcut property for Client.voice_client_in().

    • This is technically old (was added in v0.10.0) but was undocumented until v0.12.0.

For the command extension, the following are new:

  • Add custom emoji converter.

  • All default converters that can take IDs can now convert via ID.

  • Add coroutine support for Bot.command_prefix.

  • Add a method to reset command cooldown.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix bug that caused the library to not work with the latest websockets library.

  • Fix bug that leaked keep alive threads (GH-309)

  • Fix bug that disallowed ServerRegion from being used in Client.edit_server().

  • Fix bug in Channel.permissions_for() that caused permission resolution to happen out of order.

  • Fix bug in Member.top_role that did not account for same-position roles.


This is a minor bug fix update that comes with a gateway update (v5 -> v6).

Breaking Changes#

New Features#

  • Add the ability to prune members via Client.prune_members().

  • Switch the websocket gateway version to v6 from v5. This allows the library to work with group DMs and 1-on-1 calls.

  • Add AppInfo.owner attribute.

  • Add CallMessage for group voice call messages.

  • Add GroupCall for group voice call information.

  • Add Message.system_content to get the system message.

  • Add the remaining VIP servers and the Brazil servers into ServerRegion enum.

  • Add stderr argument to VoiceClient.create_ffmpeg_player() to redirect stderr.

  • The library now handles implicit permission resolution in Channel.permissions_for().

  • Add Server.mfa_level to query a server’s 2FA requirement.

  • Add Permissions.external_emojis permission.

  • Add Member.voice attribute that refers to a VoiceState.

    • For backwards compatibility, the member object will have properties mirroring the old behaviour.

For the command extension, the following are new:

  • Command cooldown system with the cooldown decorator.

  • UserInputError exception for the hierarchy for user input related errors.

Bug Fixes#

  • is now saved when using a token for user accounts.

  • Fix issue when removing roles out of order.

  • Fix bug where discriminators would not update.

  • Handle cases where HEARTBEAT opcode is received. This caused bots to disconnect seemingly randomly.

For the command extension, the following bug fixes apply:

  • Bot.check decorator is actually a decorator not requiring parentheses.

  • Bot.remove_command and Group.remove_command no longer throw if the command doesn’t exist.

  • Command names are no longer forced to be lower().

  • Fix a bug where Member and User converters failed to work in private message contexts.

  • HelpFormatter now ignores hidden commands when deciding the maximum width.


For breaking changes, see 0.10.0 migration. The breaking changes listed there will not be enumerated below. Since this version is rather a big departure from v0.9.2, this change log will be non-exhaustive.

New Features#

  • The library is now fully asyncio compatible, allowing you to write non-blocking code a lot more easily.

  • The library now fully handles 429s and unconditionally retries on 502s.

  • A new command extension module was added but is currently undocumented. Figuring it out is left as an exercise to the reader.

  • Two new exception types, Forbidden and NotFound to denote permission errors or 404 errors.

  • Added Client.delete_invite() to revoke invites.

  • Added support for sending voice. Check VoiceClient for more details.

  • Added Client.wait_for_message() coroutine to aid with follow up commands.

  • Added version_info named tuple to check version info of the library.

  • Login credentials are now cached to have a faster login experience. You can disable this by passing in cache_auth=False when constructing a Client.

  • New utility function, discord.utils.get() to simplify retrieval of items based on attributes.

  • All data classes now support !=, ==, hash(obj) and str(obj).

  • Added Client.get_bans() to get banned members from a server.

  • Added Client.invites_from() to get currently active invites in a server.

  • Added attribute to get the Member version of Client.user.

  • Most data classes now support a hash(obj) function to allow you to use them in set or dict classes or subclasses.

  • Add Message.clean_content() to get a text version of the content with the user and channel mentioned changed into their names.

  • Added a way to remove the messages of the user that just got banned in Client.ban().

  • Added Client.wait_until_ready() to facilitate easy creation of tasks that require the client cache to be ready.

  • Added Client.wait_until_login() to facilitate easy creation of tasks that require the client to be logged in.

  • Add discord.Game to represent any game with custom text to send to Client.change_status().

  • Add Message.nonce attribute.

  • Add Member.permissions_in() as another way of doing Channel.permissions_for().

  • Add Client.move_member() to move a member to another voice channel.

  • You can now create a server via Client.create_server().

  • Added Client.edit_server() to edit existing servers.

  • Added Client.server_voice_state() to server mute or server deafen a member.

  • If you are being rate limited, the library will now handle it for you.

  • Add on_member_ban() and on_member_unban() events that trigger when a member is banned/unbanned.

Performance Improvements#

  • All data classes now use __slots__ which greatly reduce the memory usage of things kept in cache.

  • Due to the usage of asyncio, the CPU usage of the library has gone down significantly.

  • A lot of the internal cache lists were changed into dictionaries to change the O(n) lookup into O(1).

  • Compressed READY is now on by default. This means if you’re on a lot of servers (or maybe even a few) you would receive performance improvements by having to download and process less data.

  • While minor, change regex from \d+ to [0-9]+ to avoid unnecessary unicode character lookups.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix bug where guilds being updated did not edit the items in cache.

  • Fix bug where member.roles were empty upon joining instead of having the @everyone role.

  • Fix bug where Role.is_everyone() was not being set properly when the role was being edited.

  • Client.logs_from() now handles cases where limit > 100 to sidestep the discord API limitation.

  • Fix bug where a role being deleted would trigger a ValueError.

  • Fix bug where Permissions.kick_members() and Permissions.ban_members() were flipped.

  • Mentions are now triggered normally. This was changed due to the way discord handles it internally.

  • Fix issue when a Message would attempt to upgrade a Message.server when the channel is a Object.

  • Unavailable servers were not being added into cache, this has been corrected.